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The Anarchist Library: A huge, free, constantly growing archive of Anarchist texts.

Archive.org: An ever-growing library of everything ever made.

bash.org's QDB: Iconic chatlog archive.

Fabrice Bellard's JSLinux: Implementations of Linux, Windows, and FreeDOS that run entirely in your web browser.

GNU.org: The home of GNU and the Free Software Foundation.

/idgames on Doomworld: The world's largest repository of mods for id Software's Doom.

Heart Process: Industrial Metal band from British Columbia.

Marxists.org: A massive, free archive of Marxist theory and writings.

Neocities: Geocities for the 21st century. Free website host.

The Pirate Bay: Tell yourself that you're just trying before you buy.

Quaddicted: Huge repository of resources and information for id Software's Quake.

Wikileaks: Snowden did nothing wrong.

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