This website's primary purpose is to share files with others. I mostly upload old games, movies, tv shows, and music, all of which can be viewed by browsing the Files directory on this web server. I try and make sure that everything I upload is in the highest quality practically possible.

As for a little about me, my name is Nat. I am nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns. My primary interests are mostly in computer science, games, and music. I am currently trying to teach myself Rust, C, and the guitar. I am also an amateur archivist, and I run the Recovered Records project. Most of my political philosophy is drawn from and influenced by Marxist and Anarchist schools of thought.

This site is hosted using Apache2 on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu server, and uses the IBM Plex font. The server is also running a QuakeWorld server, as well as servers for Quake III Arena, CPMA, Counter-Strike: Source, and Cocaine Diesel.

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